Given that shown for the Desk 2, of one’s 110 interview, 35 (29

8%) was basically conducted in the HHCI’s family clinic inside Eldridgeville (near the Toledo District’s middle city, Punta Gorda), 53 (forty-eight.1%) taken place on the HHCI’s mobile clinics for the outlying towns on the Toledo District, and you can 22 (20.0%) took place in the among three fitness fairs. The ladies interviewed was indeed of your adopting the battle/ethnicity: Mayan (80.9%), Garifuna (5.4%), Eastern Indian (6.3%), Creole (step one.8%), Mestizo (0.9%) or any other (4.5%). Most females have been sometimes partnered (forty eight.1%) or in well-known-rules dating (31.9%). 20.9% of females reported they certainly were unmarried/never hitched. Twenty % of your own women questioned had no college students (regardless of if 27.2% ones lady had been already expecting), 29.9% got one youngster, twenty eight.2% had 2-4 pupils and you will 20.9% got five or maybe more college students.

Degree and opinions

Due to the fact shown for the Dining table step three, when requested and this family unit members believed tips that they had heard of, women have been very aware of injectable depot progesterone contraceptive (87.2%) with birth-control tablets (80.9%). Degree regarding almost every other strategies is limited: not even half of females was indeed aware of implantable contraception (etonogestrel enhancement) (41.8%), condoms (37.3%), intrauterine products (twenty two.7%), the fresh new beat/years beads approach (10%), and you will ladies sterilization (six.3%). Under 5% of women reported attention to ladies condoms, diaphragm, foam/jelly, birth prevention spot, and other tips. Just thirty six.8% of females reported ever before with a doctor speak about their family unit members believe solutions with them.

  • Almost every other includes females condoms, abstinence, detachment, patch, foam, jelly, diaphragm and you will vegetation
  • A couple of ladies who statement latest condom use also advertised using several other strategy (injectable and you will implant)
  • Simply 101 girls questioned you may term a favorite means

80.0% of females questioned (n=82) responded there is a great for you personally to hold off anywhere between pregnancies. Many women noticed waiting prolonged ranging from pregnancies try popular. 7.3% stated that the right time for you wait are lower than an effective season, 23.2% reported step one-3 years, and you will 69.5% stated an amazing time to waiting out-of step three or maybe more ages ranging from pregnancies. Whenever requested to describe reasons to hold off ranging from pregnancies, women quoted the following: girls and boys are difficult to address (33.6%), looking for the newest youngest guy getting of sufficient age to care for by themselves in advance of that have various other child (24.5%), maternal health and healing after beginning (19.1%), monetary problems with that have of a lot pupils (13.6%), obtaining for you personally to thread that have children ahead of with some other (10.9%), child wellness (nine.1%), maternal chance to get employment otherwise education (5.5%), and you will general medical riskiness of being pregnant and you can childbearing (2.7%). Couples ladies stated here getting zero positive points to waiting anywhere between pregnancies (5.5%) when you find yourself way more people sensed prepared is actually important but can maybe not define one masters (twelve.7%).

Latest and you will previous play with

Over 1 / 2 of the ladies (58.1%) advertised currently having fun with a family planning approach. As shown within the Desk step three, of one’s 64 girls currently using birth control, the best method said is an enthusiastic injectable depot progesterone preparation (53.1%), followed closely by oral contraceptive pills (17.1%) as well as the etonogestrel implant (14.1%). Pair lady relied mostly towards condoms (7.8%), had gone through female sterilization (six.3%) otherwise got an IUD already in position (step one.6%). Of your own 46 girls not already playing with a contraceptive strategy eleven.5% shown an interest in carrying out a method and you will 43.5% had put birth-control in past times: 60% of those reported early in the day accessibility dental birth-control tablets and 50% advertised early in the day the means to access injectable birth prevention. Of your own twenty six girls (23.6%) that has never utilized a family think means, 46.2% failed to give a real reason for never ever having fun with family relations considered. Around never-pages just who did mention things about maybe not using family relations planning, popular causes incorporated concern about side effects (19.2%), not being sexually energetic (eleven.5%), applying for expecting (7.7%), and you may lack of knowledge about family members considered otherwise ideas on how to supply it (seven.7%).


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