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You don’t have rules; only use your own minds. With respect to think, Kevin’s the new thoughts in the outfit. [-ed, -ing]

brandish (BRAEN pan) vt. so you can revolution on the otherwise shake, during the a threatening otherwise challenging method; thrive • When you brandish you to conocer, men and women ducks to possess cover. • Helen brandished brand new fireplace web based poker since if she wished to struck some body inside it. [-ed, -ing]

weight (BOER din) n. step one. a lot; anything sent; dos. things one should put up with; a heavy weight; effort; sadness or obligation -vt. to help you consider off; to help you oppress • The new drywall is actually huge burden on the rooftop of the vehicle. • Whenever Jill sat on the jury, she encountered the load away from choosing the newest shame or innocence away from brand new defendant. • Specific cars is actually categorized by burden they can carry. • I hate to load you for the job out-of choosing exactly what to put on. [-ed, -ing]

burrow (BOER o) n. 1. an opening dug of the an animal or a tunnel on ground; 2. one gap or passage serving due to the fact a safety, refuge, etcetera. -vi. step one. to search (towards the, under, etc.); 2. browse as if by digging -vt. to make burrows from the surface • • • •

Good flea’s attention is not very state-of-the-art

Groundhogs live in burrows of their own and then make. Some dogs often find safeguards when you look at the burrows dug because of the others. Burrowing because of dated records triggered finding the actual murderer. Design teams burrowed underneath the English Channel to construct the new Chunnel, connecting the latest U.K. and you may France. [-ed, -ing]

buttress* (BUH tris) letter. a support, constantly from stone or stone, centered facing a wall to support otherwise reinforce it; a great prop -vt. step one. to support otherwise strengthen that have eg a routine; dos. in order to prop up; bolster • Of a lot Blonde property sport buttresses to bolster them. • Flash notes are going to be thought of as buttresses getting rote learning from items. • Buttress your own argument against the income tax walk by having brand new papers towards outcome of earlier hikes. [-ed, -ing]

Small Feedback #thirteen Match the phrase from column dos into the keyword away from column step 1 that implies most nearly the exact same thing. step 1. bereft

C cajole (kuh JOHL) vt. to help you coax having insincere talk; to help you compliment hoping of getting your method; so you can wheedle • Maxine made an effort to cajole the lady husband to the visiting the video. • Barney cajoled Lois so you’re able to accompany your into guide deals. [-d, cajoling, -ry n., cajolingly adv.] [Syn. coax]

calamity (kuh LAM we tee) n. step 1. strong difficulties; misery; 2. one higher misfortune entailing sadness and you will losses; crisis • The increased loss of a loved one is definitely a calamity. • Brand new assault for the Globe Trade Cardiovascular system ranks with Pearl Harbor one of many U.S.A good.’s the reason best disasters. [calamitous adj., calamitously adv.] [Syn. disaster]

Roger got brained of the baseball bat

ca uh RAD oer ee) n. loving, amicable thinking from respect one of comrades; comradeship • Caong army comrades have been owing to specific treat together with her. • A broad feeling of companionship pervaded the atmosphere due to the fact providers couples gained throughout the tavern to unwind and express the stories for the a monday day. venture (kam PAYN) n. step 1. a series regarding military operations intended for a certain objective; dos. a few organized methods for most particular goal -vi. is in a promotion • The following World War’s Eu promotion try fought to break free the new captive places and to overcome Germany. • Andrea was mixed up in presidential election campaign. • She campaigned enthusiastically to possess (then) Senator Kerry. [-ed, -ing, -er n.] [Syn. battle]


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